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We provide architectural services on a range of projects including household extensions, building conversions, new build dwellings, commercial offices, sports and leisure facilities and agricultural buildings.


On any new project we feel it is important to take time to get to know the client and establish what they are looking to achieve. To do this we are happy to arrange a meeting, either on site or at our offices, to discuss the scope of services you require before we prepare a fee proposal. We do not charge for this meeting and can often meet within a week at your convenience.

We can be appointed to carry out any stage of your construction project from initial conception through to completion. The RIBA ‘Plan of Work 2013’ outlines the various stages of a project and our commitment to following this plan of work allows us to provide a comprehensive service regardless of the size of the project.

Stage 0 & 1 Preparation and Brief

This is a critical stage of all projects when we can review the brief and carry out preliminary studies to assess any relevant aspects of the project. This may include sketch proposal, costs assessments and initial contact with other consultants.


Stage 2 Concept Design

From the resulting information of stage 0/1 we will prepare initial concept proposals to review with you and any other consultants involved.


Stage 3 Developed Design

From the agreed concept and brief we can prepare a full set of drawings that would reflect the desired finished building. Development of the design continues until we have an agreed proposal which would then be submitted for planning approval, if required.

Stage 4 Technical Design

We increase the level of detail on the drawings and add specifications to satisfy building regulations. This stage may also include preparation of schedules for use when tendering the works. Any builder/contractors tendering for the works would be vetted before being invited to tender and on return of tenders an evaluation would be carried out to identify the most appropriate people for the job.

Stage 5 Construction

Delivering the project once on site requires good communication between the site works and design consultants, site inspections, dealing with requests for information and good contract administration. Contract administration includes; tracking costs, contract instruction, certificates of payment and monitoring progress on site.


Stage 6 Handover and Close Out

At the end of a project it is important to agree a final account and inspect a property, so that the defect liability period can be properly managed. This includes issuing practical completion certificate and ultimately a final certificate.


All of our projects are prepared using the latest Autodesk and NBS software. This may include the use of BIM, which can add further value to a project and the service we provide.


Topographical surveys are carried out using a total station to prepare an accurate existing plan, which includes levels of the site and surrounding features. 

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